About Me

Like most people I love to travel. When I was younger I assumed, as most people do, and as we are somewhat conditioned to, that I would meet Mr Right and live happily ever after. I haven’t met Mr Right – and maybe he doesn’t exist. After all nobodies perfect. However, that hasn’t stopped me living happily ever after!

Around 4 years ago I decided to try my first solo trip. For security on my first venture I booked a group tour, and have never looked back since. There was one couple, one single man and several single women. I made some friends for life who I have been on subsequent trips with; and keep looking at where else I want to go and what else I want to do. If I have company great, if I don’t, no problem!

Solo travel doesn’t feel like I’m alone, more independent and confidence boosting! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone considering it and have made some great friends along the way! It also helps with perspective when you come back to work / the real world.

I have a couple of interesting trips coming up including visiting Easter Island which I’m really looking forward to! A friend suggested I write a diary to be able to look back on some of the experiences. So here I am with the modern day version of a diary, and hopefully someone finds it useful or interesting!

I’ll also add some retrospective blogs of places I’ve been, as well as some of the thoughts and experiences that come with it!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love this blog, it’s informative, giving the local inside track and inspirational because being solo means you have the freedom and strength to make choices. You can go where you want, when you want, creating amazing memories along the way, on you your own or with new found friends whose paths you may never have otherwise crossed. Thank you.

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